As a vet for more than twenty years, I have been offering veterinary acupuncture services to mainly small animal species locally for over 15 years and have enjoyed some fantastic results.

How I can help

Working alongside your own veterinary surgeon, I commonly treat various condition including but not limited to:

  • Arthritis, muscle strains, spinal issues and post-surgery
  • Medical conditions including gastro-intestinal and urinary disorders
  • Skin conditions including delayed wound healing and lick granulomas

Sessions are £35 and are covered by many pet insurance policies and by appointment only.

Sessions are £40 from January 2025.

Clinics are held at:

The Cattery@Cotestones Reception,
Cotestones Farm, Sand Lane, Warton LA5 9NH



To arrange an appointment please forward a completed Client Registration Form or give me a call on 07341 207700 to discuss acupuncture for your pet.

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